Torch Mountain Dripper Black

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Torch specializes in making home brew coffee equipment. It is one of those companies that only makes a few products, but makes each one to perfection. The name Mountain Dripper comes from the shape of the lovely porcelain dripper. 

The Mountain Dripper is perfect for making 1-2 cups of coffee, designed with the third wave coffee beans characteristics in mind. You will be able to taste the clean fruity flavour of light medium roasted beans. The internal ribs guides the flow of water through the coffee and the outlet hole brings out the consistently smooth flavour.

It is to be used with Kalita wave filter #155 or Hario V60-01.​

  • Porcelain and white ash
  • Only the porcelain part is dishwasher safe
  • Please take care of the wood base gently - wipe with soft cloth and dry well before storing
  • Pease refer to manual for more information