Kalita Wave Sagan (Sandstone) Ceramic Dripper 185

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Kalita x Hasamiyaki

Handcrafted by experienced artisans, the Kalita Hasami dripper maintains the Kalita tradition of design, ensuring an extraordinary brew.

This wonderful dripper is made using hasami porcelain, a traditional porcelain crafting method that originates four centuries ago in the Hasami town, Nagasaki prefecture. Hasamiyakiuses Amakusa Touseki, a potter's stone from Amakusa, Kumamoto. This sagan dripper blends warm-colored sandstone and Amakusa Touseki potter's stone to create this beautifully natural dripper.

This #185 dripper is good for brewing 1 to 4 cups of coffee into the server of mug.

It is to be used with Kalita wave filter #185.

  • Please rinse with water and dry with soft cloth
  • Please do NOT use dishwasher to wash it