Ippodo Matcha Ummon (20g)

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For decades Ummon has been one of the richest, most full-forced matcha blends in the Ippodo selection.  
From President Watanabe, 7th generation

“Overall, Ummon is a friendly, accessible matcha. It has a pleasant taste that envelops your palate, from the sweetness and umami at first sip, to the moment you arrive at the aftertaste.

Since Ummon is so universally well-liked, I will prepare it for family, friends, and just about anyone else. Whatever the situation, I recommend preparing it a little on the strong side so that you can feel its full impact.”

From Chairman Watanabe, 6th generation
“Ummon has an abundant, rich fragrance at its core, and its bright umami feels strong. This is not a reserved nor a light tasting matcha. Its umami is balanced by a not-unpleasant astringency that you feel as it goes down.”